Program Description


Checking Program    


Description:    Checking Account Program is design to keep track of all cash activities such as cash deposits, credit cards receipts, bank interest, NSF and redeposit for Department of Parks and Tourism.



Label Program


            Description:    Label program handles fulfilling literature requests

It involves the importing of several different text files form several different sources and then printing labels based off of the information in the text files.

The goal on printing the labels is to get literature out about Arkansas and hopefully to encourage Arkansas Tourism





Description:     2% Tourism Sales Tax generates reports that provide a Tourism Trust Fund Statement of Tax Collections by County and by Region with comparative totals of each year starting 1990 to current year.                       





Description:     Single database that tracks Wright Express, Bulk Fuel, Repairs and / or Maintenance, oil changes, Tire Replacements and DFA Reporting. This will enable Department of Parks and Tourism to generate different reports on a particular vehicle with all the information about that car such as history of a car or Alert the person in charge for oil change due.





Description:     Import phone bill file from Department of Information Systems to Parks and Tourism database each month.

Reports generated from Phone Bill Program are used to allocate all the costs to each cost center and be able to charge each cost center the amount spend on their phone





Description:     Governor’s conference program is designed to help the user register all sponsors who are going to sponsor 

the conference, and register all the delegates who are going to attend the Governor’s conference on Tourism. Pre-registration enables Tourism staff to provide adequate services during the conference by making all the reservations needed prior to the conference.




            Description:     Enter all business leads into the database gathered from trade shows and meetings.

Generates business leads reports.  Send business leads to advertising agencies once a week so that they can follow up on those people requested information about Arkansas.







Description:     Issues cash receipts per Park request    

Keep track of all cash receipts have been used by Parks

Research old receipt if problem arise



TIC Survey


Description:     Gathers Tourist information such as final destination, state origin as the tourist enters or pass through Arkansas.

                                    Information gathered is used by advertising and travel agencies to promote Arkansas




Mailing Program


Description:     Address database.

                        Stores addresses such as Advertising and Promotion Commissions, Agency

                        Chambers of Commerce, SPRTC, Arkansas Constitutional Offices, Convention and Visitors Bureaus

                        City Majors and County Judges, Legislative, Main street Offices, State Parks, Regional Tourist Association, Sub Committee, US Travel and Tourism, US Offices